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Esha Lal Swimwear is an environmentally conscious swimwear and resort wear company, aiming to make consciously made products more available to the consumer at affordable prices. Thus we are doing our own bit and gradually moving into becoming a complete environmentally conscious swimwear company.

I am from the valley of Dehradun, and have been living in Mumbai for 12 years. I launched my swimwear label Esha Lal Swimwear in May 2019 for the love of tropical destinations. Having been brought up around forests, gardens, mountains and tea estates I get all my inspiration from nature. Being a botanical watercolour artist all the prints are original illustrations of my artwork. They all represent nature, with their vibrant and floral prints.

Esha Lal

Founder and Designer


The primary fabric for the swimsuits is made of fabric from Carvico Italy. Carvico uses ethical Production techniques that promote environmental responsibility. In the production of this fabric measures were taken to minimise harm to the ecosystem.  We have also recently launched a new line of swimwear made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon  


Our beachwear is made with 100% organic GOTS certified cotton. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. 


The prints are all original watercolour paintings done by Esha Lal. Her love for plants drives her to create prints that are vibrant, bold, colourful and life like. No print is sourced or bought online and is not available for purchase anywhere else.


The seed paper tags i have recently introduced are biodegradable, 100% wood free and made up of waste cotton scraps, making it extremely environmentally friendly. 
The tags I use have basil seeds in them. I chose basil as it is easy to grow, needs less care and encourages people to start planting their own food. All the customer has to do is, take the tag out of the swimwear, tear the tag into small pieces, wet the paper and put it into the soil. Give it water and sunshine and let it grow ! 


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